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About Us ™

We started out as 3 fun-loving women with a passion for looking good and feeling great, but most of all, for enjoying life, loving laughter and showing kindness.”

Bold & Bohemia, established in 2015 is a portal of self-expression and passion for myself and my business managers Dana & Kandace and I'm proud to say that our range is a direct reflection of our personalities; bold, vibrant and wild, with a lot of craziness thrown in. That's us in a nutshell!

Having worked side by side with Dana & Kandace in a separate business for a number of years, I already knew that we were an extremely strong team so I was on the lookout for a new business venture that we could start together. That was when I stumbled across a vacant store in Kiama (our favourite town) and I knew instantly that it was the perfect location for our concept store! Time to start my next venture and I knew that I was taking the girls with me..

We spent countless late nights imagining the possibilities, working on the range and creating the foundation of the brand “Bold & Bohemia”.

We knew that everything had to capture our bold personalities and passion for living life but also that everything that we selected would fit practically into any woman’s lifestyle and budget. Drawing inspiration from the stunning surroundings and free spirited lifestyle of the Southcoast, we created our first range for the Bold & Bohemia store opening in June 2105. What we didn't plan on was that so many of our amazing customers coming from so many different areas would be requesting to purchase our products online. So we have taken that feedback on board and here we are with our very first online store which we now present to you, Bold & Bohemia-phase 2!


''Be bold, be brave, be unique, be spontaneous, be unapologetic, be free, be kind, be happy, be adventurous, be confident, be curious, be outrageous, but most importantly… BE YOU!".